Lydiane Mattio, Ph.D.

Seaweed consulting & translationsFrance - New Caledonia

Blue[c]weed explores the potential of tropical seaweed species to produce high-value products and Nature-based Solutions.

We offer consulting services to unleash seaweed potential and support the development of successful seaweed businesses.

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Lydiane Mattio, Ph.D.

I am a marine scientist with a Ph.D. and 12+ years of international professional experience in scientific research and consulting. I am particularly interested in exploring the potential of diversifying tropical seaweed productions to produce high-value products and improve value chains. Based on my taxonomic and ecological expertise, I can conduct regional species inventories, biomass assessments and reviews of the scientific literature to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the potential to diversify seaweed uses and opportunities to develop a bluer economy!

Throughout my career, I have produced 40+ scientific publications, reports and book chapters involving more than 60 international co-authors. These experiences have developed my ability to write, review, edit and translate scientific works – including those written by students and scientists whose mother tongue is not English. I provide proofreading and optimization of scientific articles for publication, as well as translation of scientific books and booklets.

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