Lydiane Mattio, PhD

Marine scientist @ blue[c]weed, Brest, France

Honorary Research Associate, University of Cape Town, South Africa

A marine scientist interested in ecology and the blue economy

Tropical seaweed expert (with extensive experience of working with Sargassum)

Technical skills

Seaweed diversity and coral reef ecology

Review of seaweed species potential for valorization

Project preparation, scientific writing, translations and pre-reviews

Extensive field (incl. scuba) and lab (incl. genetics) work experience

CV version française


CV English version


> Lastest publications:

Mattio L., Lee Chang K., Stepheson S., Buttler J. & Vanderklift M. (in preparation). Turning seaweeds into blue economy: an Australian perspective (in prep.)

Steen F., Vieira C., D’hondt S., Fernandez C., Wiser B., Tronholm A., Mattio L., Payri C., Orozco J., Tyberghein T., Leliaert F., Verbruggen H. & O. De Clerck. Global diversification and biogeography of a group of brown seaweeds driven by different evolutionary processes across clades (submitted to Journal of Biogeography).

Zubia M., Stiger-Pouvreau V., Mattio L., Payri C.E. & H.L. Stewart. A comprehensive review of the brown macroalgal genus Turbinaria J.V. Lamouroux (Fucales, Sargassaceae) (online, Journal of Applied Phycology) >>> check it here

Theophilius T., Vieira C., Culioli G., Thomas O., N’Yeurt A.D.R., Andréfouët S., Mattio L., Payri C.E. & M. Zubia. Dictyotaceae (Dictyotales, Phaeophyceae) species from French Polynesia: current knowledge and future research (2020). Seaweeds Around the World: State of the Art and Perspectives, 95, 163-211.

Zubia M., Mattio L. (2019). Les macroalgues tropicales: une ressource durable d’avenir. Techniques de l’ingénieur. Ref: BIO9040 v1.

Loiseau N., Payri C.E., Mattio L., Andréfouët S., Zubia M. (2019). Patterns of species and functional beta diversity of macroalgae in isolated coral reefs along the Mozambique Channel. Marine biology, 166(3), 27.

Van Hess D.H., Olsen Y.S., Mattio L., Ruiz-Montoya L., Wernberg T. Kendrick G.A. (2019). Cast adrift: physiology and dispersal of benthic Sargassum spinuligerum in surface rafts. Limnology and Oceanography. Limnology and Oceanography 64 (2), 526-540.

Olsen Y.S., Mattio L., Zavala Perez A., Babcock R., Thompson D., Haywood M., Keesing J., Kendrick G. A. (2019). Drivers of species richness and abundance of marine macrophytes on shallow tropical reefs of North-Western Australia. Journal of Biogeography, 46, 170-184.